About fuchs & fjonka

fuchs & fjonka was created for dog and cat lovers like ourselves, who love their pets completely without compromise and handle them with due respect.

we at fuchs & fjonka are always looking for unique and visual compelling items, where aesthetic design and high quality speaks for itself - products which thrill and convince us.

nearly everything out of our "treasure chest" has been personally tested for durability and longevity not only by us but also from our trusty four footed friends.
that makes us believers and hopefully you as well.
get infected by the fuchs & fjonka virus!


our most deep heart felt thanks goes to gosia – with her never tiring help and understanding manner. without you gosia we would have never made it!

big fat thanks for dennis – firstclass expert in pillepallepillows, high-quality
weasel wool and brilliant soap solutions. thank you – BAM!

a special thanks for jana who never wavered in her believe on fuchs & fjonka and for her to the wee-night hour help. also on heiner, our most favorite vampire who did a great job as our personal translation slave.

for our „over the sea friends“ with their always friendly and uncompromising
„yes we can“ attitude:
thanks – harriet brumer – for your advice and uncomplicated way to make problems disappear!
thanks – mega americano bobby wise –  every stick is and was a tantalizing treat!
thanks – jeff alexander – for all your „charms“!

a thousand thanks on all of you!