1 Neck

2 Chest

3 Girth

4 Length


1 measure around the neck, close to shoulders, as shown in drawing.
collar should be snug, yet comfortable.
you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and your dog.
for ordering a new collar do not measure your current collar end to end – the new one
will be too big. leather toggle collars may stretch about ¼“ (approx. 1 cm), therefore we recommend purchasing a size which will fit snug around your dog´s neck.

Coats & Sweaters

2 chest - measure the chest next to the elbow.
girth - measure girth around your pet's belly.
length - measure your pet from base of neck to base of tail as shown in drawing.

if the measurement is between sizes or if your pet is a stouter build, select a sweater one size larger.